Cleansing, being the building block of maintaining healthy skin is an essential thing to do all the time.  Impurities and Excess Oil which we get from our daily activities are removed by using professional cleanser and also prepares your skin with other steps you normally do on your skincare regime. It is best to use professional skincare cleanser as they are designed to be gentle on skin and always remember to use the ones that are advised on all skin types.


Toning is the second step and completes the cleansing process, which is oftentimes, skipped by others, as facial soaps are also available to rinse out the debris left after using a cleanser.  Apart from this belief, Toning should be considered an important part of the cleansing process as it removes remaining dirt left behind and helps hydrate and nourish skin while maintaining its ph balance.

Cleansing and Toning should be done at least once a day.  We don’t want the dirt on our face sleep with us and do its thing while asleep.  One important thing to consider is to get professional skincare products so as not to ruin your everyday facial skincare regime.

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